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Petrophoenixx Company proudly announces its readiness to have more cooperation with you and your respectful company in different fields such as providing industrial instruments and services. We are hopeful to be able to take an effective step in order to achieve our mutual goals in the near future. Herewith we take your attention toward a brief description of this company's services. The Austrian company, Petrophoenixx GmbH has been able to be among the strongest European companies after finalizing different industrial projects in countries like Malaysia ,UAE Russia, Iran, Ukraine, Iraq and Saudi Arabia and right after composition of an industrial group called PetroGroup in Europe , Petrophoenixx company has also became a member of this group and has taken the responsibility of its commercial, design and engineering department in order to be able to provide its customers with a wide range of services considering its experiences in commercial and engineering fields, using the abilities of the manufacturers of the complex and their dependents.

At the time being this complex has been engaged in the following activities which you will find them in detail later.
1- Industrial systems' design and automation
2- Upgrading wired control systems to wireless systems
3- Preparation of industrial instrumentation
4- Turbo machinery (Turbines & Compressors)
5- Digging machinery and equipment
6- water technology
7- Training unit
This company is able to provide you with financial offers in Euro or other currencies and also to deliver the goods after customs clearance in the factory. Considering the above presented description, if you may need further information regarding this company's services, our colleagues in technical, marketing and financial departments will be glad to answer your questions. Besides, we would appreciate if you could order to put the name of this company in Vendor List of that complex for further cooperation. At the end we sincerely appreciate you kind cooperation in advance.

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